The Objective
Speciality food manufacturer required increase revenues and margins.

The Background
• This B2B food manufacturer provided unbranded product into domestic market but found margins where being squeezed by retailers (its Clients) and volumes remained static dependent dependant on retailer growth.

What we did
• We identified the consumer base for its products and analysed new international markets that had a high percentage of consumers in that base.
• We developed a brand and a marketing campaign that identified with that consumer base with TV exposure and celebrity advocacy  and developed a web based retail program with internet marketing.
• We prepared a retail business strategy and plan and used this to raise private equity capital to build the retail business.
• USA and Japan were developed as the first market ventures and Amazon as the first external internet venture.

The Result
The company’s website revealed a million hits following celebrity presentation.
• Products are now available on Amazon
• Sixty percent of company sales came from retail within two years of launch
• Consumer appeal took priority over food industry buyers, and further growth is  projected further through channel and geographic expansion

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