The Objective
Major Food Manufacturer required radical overall of products and development of
new markets.

The Background
Operating in the highly competitive consumer packaged goods industry exceeding $10 billion, the client faced new and more sophisticated competitors and a proliferation of private-label brands its successful tactics of the past were no longer as effective as they once were. At the same time, many of the markets in which the company operated were undergoing a rapid evolution in terms of customer demands and expectations, the role of technology and general business dynamics.

What we did
Through workshops and analysis we identified broad categories of consumer need in various markets.
Generated additional insights into each focus area and produced trends and drivers of change within each focus area with key value propositions and solution criteria, suggested consumer segments and associated needs.
Identified new growth platforms that had the potential to become new and differentiated sources of revenue for the client. Focused on the top two growth platforms that held the greatest potential.
Identified product criteria for each new market and prepared product profiles
Developed several specific venture pitches for each of the prioritized growth platforms.

The Result
We developed a portfolio of six venture pitches for prioritized growth platforms each market estimated to be worth more than $8 billion.
In addition, identified 15 other growth platforms, which may be future growth
The client has already operating in two additional markets with extended product range and market shares of over 20%
Improving Revenues Product and Market Development
Case Study - Expanding Product Range and Markets
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