Our aim is to turn great ideas into commercial reality by creating global innovative companies in which people want to invest.  We do this by:

- turning inventions and your unique ideas to international
    patent coverage
  - releasing your innovation's global potential
  - minimizing funding, expenditure and risk to the inventor
  - maximizing returns to all stakeholders

We recognise the difficulties in achieving your expectations from your unique product. 

You have a great concept, strong patent, but YOU NEED TO GET IT TO MARKET. 

With over twenty new ventures implemented we have the  experience to acheive superior returns for  inventors and shareholders.

We will take your concept, arrange funding, and get it to market without asking you for a cent.  Yes we understand, we have been there, WE RISK AND INVEST  in your venture and this ensures success; if we donít succeed we lose our investment.

We have joint ventures with  leading  product & engineering  design companies which gives us the capability to engineer your concept into the production phase.
We are dynamic, entrepreneurial, highly creative and client focused. Our philosophy is to stand apart from the competition, and help all our clients do likewise.

We are principals of  globally experienced businessmen with overlapping disciplines in:
    - Legal
    - Marketing & Communications     - Strategy and Finance
    - Business Management
Commercialising New Ventures
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