Our aim is to turn Distressed Companies in Viable Profitable Organisations.


Based on our experience, and using tried and tested tools and methodologies, we are able to rapidly spot problems in troubled companies and create new solutions that may not be visible to company insiders or concerned onlookers.

We utilise our 3D approach:
  - Diagnose the real issues  within the distressed company
  - Develop solutions tailored to the companies needs
  - Deploy these solutions until the company is stabilised

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We provide the process, structure and framework for the turnaround. 

We constantly renew our own approach by keeping abreast of new ideas by thought leaders and new turnaround developments in the field.

We align and reach consensus with all stakeholders, including banks, investors, board, management, employees, customers and suppliers.

We project manage the turnaround, allowing management to get on with the day-to-day job of managing the business.

We have access to loan and/or private capital and have good relationships with the commercial banks.